7 Levers to Boost Leading & Deciding Momentum


Is your executive team providing a great example for the organization and giving them the right guidance to produce the results you want?

Here are seven levers I look at with executive teams.

  1. Can leaders trust each other? Do they have each other's back?

  2. Do they engage in unfiltered conflict? In that they say what they really mean rather than what others want to hear?

  3. Can they commit regardless to the plans they draw up together?

  4. Are they holding each other accountable?

  5. Do they care more about results than about titles.

  6. Is the top leader showing humility, especially when things go wrong?

  7. Are they nevertheless resolved to bring out the best in everyone?

Leadership and Decision Making is just one of the 11 levers in our full FastAtScale™ model.

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Roland Siebelink speaks and writes about companies that keep growing while also keeping their culture.

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Roland Siebelink