Helping startup leaders keep the momentum in the growth and scaling journey towards market dominance. | Past leadership experience in 3 massive scale-ups | Author | Scaleup Growth & Momentum Advisor

Helping Startups Go Big Without Going Corporate.


Roland Siebelink is an award-winning public speaker, business author and scaleup team coach.


What They’re Saying…

Without Roland I do not think we would be in the position we are in to execute; he really aligned our thinking towards shared outcomes and fostered our trust ecosystem.

Roland, thank you so much for what you did here!
— Loren Goodman | InRule
Roland is engaging & thoughtful about helping you build the muscles to identity and address your most pressing challenges.
— Clark Downum | Redox
Talking about the elephants in the room is so important - getting them out the way so we can build trust
— Mel Sinton | VGW
Well structured and organised meeting, highly interactive. Encouraging everyone to participate, great fun!
— Criniti, Kate | Redox
The sessions establish practice and open activities to arrive at key understanding, alignment, measurement, etc. Just wonderful.”
— CB
The Impact of a facilitator with significant industry experience to coach and guide is invaluable to accelerating team growth and achieving desired outcomes.
— NP
Roland brings a wealth of real world first-hand experience.
— NS
An opportunity to have thoughtful but difficult conversations. One discussion builds on the next to drive actions.
— KG

Roland speaks to startup crowds about keeping up momentum in the growth and scaling journey. On how to navigate from product-market-fit to product-market-dominance.

His stories may or may not include:

  • 1 trade sale

  • 2 IPOs

  • 3 inside scaleup journeys

  • 4 countries

  • 5 continents

  • 6 languages

  • 7 habits