7 Levers to Boost Fulfillment Momentum


Fulfillment, the process by which you deliver the promise benefits to your customers.

It consists of order delivery, onboarding, support, and then services to explore additional options.

Here are the seven levers we look at.

  1. Do you have your entire process visualized?

  2. Do you have simple processes in place covering 80 percent of cases,

  3. Can people update those proceeds with their experience?

  4. Is the frontline flexible to deal with customer complaints?

  5. Do they not just hear those complaints but customer praise too?

  6. Is about the balance between your revenues and your resources.

  7. Is about the clarity of the handovers between departments.

Fulfillment is just one of the 11 levers in our FastAtScale health check.

Take it yourself by sending an email to fastatscale@R13K.com.

Roland Siebelink speaks and writes about companies that keep growing while also keeping their culture.

Roland Siebelink