Maintaining Startup Momentum - Adding Method to the Madness

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60-90 minute interactive workshop with 4-5 exercises for participants, works from small (~10) to larger (~100) groups


Are you feeling your hard work is not paying off? That others lead their startup to success after success, while you are still struggling? You may be missing an essential ingredient in your life or business plan: momentum.

In this workshop, serial unicorn operator Roland Siebelink talks about momentum as the lifeblood of a startup company. He addresses ten causes of startups losing momentum prematurely, and gives concrete tips on how to overcome these obstacles and regain maximum momentum.

This Program is Perfect For:

  • entrepreneurs/founders of startup companies
  • tech startup and scaleup executives
  • entrepreneurial business school students
  • venture capital associates

Key topics addressed:

  • how optimizing everything for momentum is the secret ingredient behind Silicon Valley success stories.
  • how to architect your business plan around ultimate momentum.
  • many first-hand war stories involving his three massive scaleup journeys to laugh and learn from

The audience will learn:

  • the importance of gaining, sustaining and maximizing momentum to keep their startup on a success trajectory
  • the top 10 drivers of losing momentum-and knowing what to do about them
  • how to kickstart the process of maximizing momentum for their own startup having done 4-5 exercises during the program


The audience also gets access to an exclusive toolkit to architect rapid startup momentum.

Book an event:

If you are interested in having Roland speak or organize a workshop at your conference, company event, or group event, please reach out to Keynote talks can be combined with separate sessions for VIP members, executive management and/or debriefing for the organization’s leader.