7 Levers to Extend your Cash Runway

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Today we talk about cash. Is the cash in your business cycling fast enough to keep you afloat even in the bad times?

Here are the seven questions, that we look at in our FastAtScale assessment:

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1. Are your revenues both predictable and repeatable?

2. Do you have a stable ratio between the product labor in your company and the _gross_ margins?

3. Do you also have a stable ratio between all the sales and management labor in your company and your _operating_ margins.

4. Are the issues in your business getting solved faster and faster?

5. Are they getting solved at a lower and lower cost per issue?

6. Do you have one map that fits together all the key processes in your company?

7. When you talk to investors, do you get offers of continuously increasing valuation?

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Cash is just one of the eleven themes in our full FastAtScale assessment.

Take the test for your own scaleup by sending an email to fastatscale@r13k.co.

Roland Siebelink speaks and writes about companies that keep growing while also keeping their culture.

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