7 Levers to Improve Strategic Thinking


Are you focused on the best chances you have of winning in your marketplace?

Here are the seven questions we look at.

  1. Have you mapped out all of the ecosystem that you work in, especially your single points of failure?

  2. Do you have a different idea customer in mind than your competitors?

  3. Are you focusing your product development primarily on strengthening the key benefits that the customer wants?

  4. How are your activities different from your competitors?

  5. How is your brand promise different from your competitors?

  6. What's your secret sauce that gets you a 10X advantage? Wither in product benefits or in cost delivery?

  7. Do you have a separate strategy council from your operational leadership team?

Strategic Thinking is just one of the 11 dimensions in our full FastAtScale model.

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Roland Siebelink speaks and writes about companies that keep growing while also keeping their culture.

Roland Siebelink