7 Levers to Boost Asset Allocation Momentum


Are you giving the people in your business enough financial and human resources to get the job done?

The staff functions in your business are responsible for providing people, budget, support projects, systems and controls.

Here's what I look at with them in particular.

  1. Are we providing the right hires right in time?

  2. Do we give them enough training?

  3. Are we dealing with issues fairly when they arise?

  4. Are we keeping the business in basic compliance and legality?

  5. Are the finances easily understandable, especially for non-financial executives?

  6. Do we have enough cash around for emergencies and new opportunities?

  7. Are we keeping the risks under control.

Now, Asset Allocation is just one of the 11 levers in our full FastAtScale™ model.

Take the test yourself by sending an email to fastatscale@R13K.co.

Roland Siebelink speaks and writes about companies that keep growing while also keeping their culture.

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Roland Siebelink