7 Levers to Align and Empower Your Team


Have you taken and communicated all the foundational decisions? So that your team knows the boundaries between which they can operate freely?

Here are the seven questions we look at in particular.

  1. Do you live your core values?

  2. Is the purpose of the organization crystal clear?

  3. Do you know what, as a team, you're actually best at?

  4. Do you measure all your economic success, by just one north star ratio?

  5. Have you set yourselves a daunting challenge for the long-term future?

  6. Have you painted to your team a vivid picture of what it will be like to reach that promised land?

  7. Are you measuring your impact also in a non-financial way?

Now, alignment is just one of the 11 dimensions in our full FastAtScale™ model. To take the test yourself, send an email to fastatscale@r13k.co.

Roland Siebelink speaks and writes about companies that keep growing while also keeping their culture.

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Roland Siebelink