Multi-Office Plan

Multi-Office Plan

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Using the Multi-Office Plan worksheet

  1. On the left, list your scaleup's ten most important departments or functions.

  2. Then, think through each of these functions' deliverables. Circle what their ideal success model is:
    in as many locations as possible. For example: sales of softdrink cans; coffee franchise; automatic teller machines.
    Key locations:
    only in the locations that matter. For example: consulting offices, car dealers, luxury goods, field sales force.
    Critical mass:
    when the function needs several people in one place to do well. For example: specialist support functions, knowledge leads, regional synergies. 
    HQ attendance:
    when the function  be near the top decision-makers. For example: corporate development, finance, general counsel.

  3. Then, list your key office locations in the columns, and outline the purpose of each office:

    • Start with headquarters: is its purpose omni-functional or back-end only?

    • Add any regional offices you might have;

    • End with locations that have a single remote employee.

  4. Finally, write down the projected headcount numbers in the people column on the left.

  5. Then split up these totals among the different offices you have identified.
    Best is when each executive does this exercise individually first. Then compare notes as a team.

Roland Siebelink